Analyst Claims That the iPad Mini Has Two Cameras and Can Fit Inside Your Pocket

Though analysts usually know nothing more than regular ol' John Apple Fan at home, they do sometimes get access to tech factories and shredded supply chain documents hinting at upcoming products. One analyst, Topeka Capital's Brian White, claims to have actually held an iPad Mini prototype and even put it in his… » 10/22/12 9:16pm 10/22/12 9:16pm

Analyst Pulls 2nd-Gen iPhone OLED Display Rumor

Another day, another analyst making crazy predictions about Apple products that most likely aren't true. Today it's Ken Dulaney of Gartner saying the second generation iPhone will have an OLED display instead of the current LCD display. Where did Ken get this wacky idea? "'Rumors' overheard in Asia." Here's our take… » 3/26/08 4:00pm 3/26/08 4:00pm

Rumor: iTunes Movie Prices Going Up to $15 Per Movie

According to Pali Research analyst Richard Greenfield, Apple's just made some concessions to movie studios that will result in higher prices for iTunes movies. Each flick will supposedly go up to $15 (compared with an $18 DVD), and is part of the tactic to lure studios like 20th Century Fox to the movie store. » 12/03/07 4:30pm 12/03/07 4:30pm