Analyst: Apple Getting Crazy With Huge Deals This Black Friday?

Apple generally tends to merely dip its Designed in California toe into the Black Friday »11/13/08 11:50am11/13/08 11:50am blackwaters, usually offering a one-day $100-off promotion on a single product family via online and in-store purchases. But analysts at Barclay Capital and the folks at Apple Insider are projecting bigger things this year, which…

Analysts Predict Apple 2013: That's One Wonky Crystal Ball

Foretelling Apple's next grooves is the national pastime for (some) geeks and an occupational obssession for analysts, who trip over themselves with crazy predictions in "notes" and reports to people with lots of money who want to make more. Forrester just released its big report on what Apple will be like in 2013,… »5/22/08 2:00pm5/22/08 2:00pm

Rumor: Apple Bombarding Market With 3 Million iPhones At Launch, Plus More Ridiculous Numbers

Businessweek claims two sources told them Apple will have 3 million iPhones ready for the launch on June 29. This is an absurdly high number. For comparison, Nintendo's Wii had 1 Million units. The PS3? 400,000. Xbox 360? Around 300,000. So Apple's going to have about twice as much as all of them put together?… »6/07/07 6:00pm6/07/07 6:00pm