Smartphone-Controlled Toilet Includes Built-in Speakers So You Can…

"Welcome. I am honored to accept your waste" says the Japanese toilet to Homer Simpson as a rainbow springs from the bowl. Japan is full of toilets from the ingenious to the insane and the country has built up a reputation as the origin of some of the world's most multi-functional commodes. » 12/14/12 9:40pm 12/14/12 9:40pm

The Three Super Bowl Cities Seen From Space

Here are the three cities of Sunday's Super Bowl as seen from space: New York City (Giants), Greater Boston area (Patriots), and the host city, Indianapolis, Indiana. The high definition images were captured by NASA's Landsat 7. » 2/04/12 11:00am 2/04/12 11:00am

Unfortunate 7-Eleven Employee Gets Mowed Down by Crappy Car

Watching a Dodge Caliber slam Gejea Ejeta through a storefront window is pretty disturbing. Even more disturbing: the way the passenger—now identified as Tylese Pitts—pops open the car door and strolls away from the scene, cigarette in hand. » 6/22/11 2:20pm 6/22/11 2:20pm

Bill That Makes Illegal Streaming a Felony Passes Senate Committee

Remember the bill that makes illegal streaming a felony? It cleared its first hurdle and was approved by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee today. » 6/16/11 10:16pm 6/16/11 10:16pm

A New Netflix Update for Android is Here

Ooh, a new version of Netflix landed in the Android Market today. The update enabled streaming on the LG Revolution, Motorola Droid and Casio G'zOne Commando. Don't shake your head in disbelief, you read that list correctly. The Commando really did get the update before the flasghip Motorola Xoom. [Android Market via … » 5/26/11 9:31pm 5/26/11 9:31pm

Let's Not Forget How Excited We Are About Sword and Sworcery EP for iOS

It's been nearly a year since I turned my thoughts to Sword and Sworcery EP, a unique, atmospheric iOS game coming sometime hopefully very soon from Superbrothers, but this new trailer has got me geeked up about it all over again. They're calling it a "meandering mythopoetic adventure," which basically makes me… » 3/01/11 9:20am 3/01/11 9:20am

Apple TV's Netflix Service Is Missing the Gay and Lesbian Category?

Back when the Netflix app for iPhone became available, there were complaints that the gay and lesbian category was missing. With Apple TV deliveries trickling in, there are reports that the Netflix service there isn't displaying the category either. » 10/04/10 5:57am 10/04/10 5:57am

Samsung's Barnes & Noble eReader Launch Ruined By the Existence of the…

I respect what Barnes & Noble is doing with this multi-reader ebook strategy, and I'm glad Samsung's finally been brought in from the cold, into the warm presence of a real ebook collection, but $300 for this thing? Really? UPDATED » 3/09/10 11:03am 3/09/10 11:03am

Travel Gifts For People Who Sleep On Airplanes More Than In Beds

There's a certain type of person for whom airports and airplanes cease to be novel, and start to feel like home. This is depressing, on many levels! Which is why these people need gifts. Lots and lots of gifts. » 11/23/09 7:10pm 11/23/09 7:10pm

In the Nikon S1000pj Future, There Is No Escape From Baby Pictures

No, this isn't a lost Beyond 2000 segment from 1997—this is a real thing, that is happening. Here's how Nikon expects customers to use their new mutant camera/projector hybrid, the S1000pj. » 8/04/09 11:00am 8/04/09 11:00am

Kodak's EasyShare Z915 with 10x Optical Zoom Gets Up Close and Personal

Kodak, masters of the digital camera that is relatively cheap and easy to use, just went public with their EasyShare Z915, which packs 10x, image-stabilized optical zoom into a 10-megapixel point and shoot body. » 3/03/09 12:01am 3/03/09 12:01am

NBS E. V. A. and Butterfly Speakers Look Like They'll Kill You

NBS' E. V. A. and Butterfly speaker systems are freakishly awesome and horrifying all at the same time, especially with those pointed edges. Cause, really, I thought it was a bench. » 2/10/09 9:00pm 2/10/09 9:00pm

Macbook Air and The Usual Suspects

We already gave you a spec-wise comparison of the Macbook Air and its prominent competitors, but The Usual Suspects—the Lenovo X300 (recently leaked), Sony TZ and Dell XPS m1330—are all back for a photo shoot. Jump for the fantastic line-up of the laptop bad boys bearing it all. » 1/20/08 1:03am 1/20/08 1:03am

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TabletKiosk i7209 and i7210: Slim UMPCs, Fat Price

For those who haven't figured out that UMPCs do nothing well, here's a series of the mini-tablets that can do a bad job of everything, only faster. That's because the TabletKiosk i7210 has a faster 1GHz Pentium M processor. But wait, the lower-priced i7209 isn't as lucky, it's still stuck with a 900MHz Intel Celeron M. » 8/02/06 10:06am 8/02/06 10:06am