Smartphone-Controlled Toilet Includes Built-in Speakers So You Can…

"Welcome. I am honored to accept your waste" says the Japanese toilet to Homer Simpson as a rainbow springs from the bowl. Japan is full of toilets from the ingenious to the insane and the country has built up a reputation as the origin of some of the world's most multi-functional commodes. » 12/14/12 9:40pm 12/14/12 9:40pm

Let's Not Forget How Excited We Are About Sword and Sworcery EP for iOS

It's been nearly a year since I turned my thoughts to Sword and Sworcery EP, a unique, atmospheric iOS game coming sometime hopefully very soon from Superbrothers, but this new trailer has got me geeked up about it all over again. They're calling it a "meandering mythopoetic adventure," which basically makes me expect » 3/01/11 9:20am 3/01/11 9:20am

Apple TV's Netflix Service Is Missing the Gay and Lesbian Category?

Back when the Netflix app for iPhone became available, there were complaints that the gay and lesbian category was missing. With Apple TV deliveries trickling in, there are reports that the Netflix service there isn't displaying the category either. » 10/04/10 5:57am 10/04/10 5:57am

Travel Gifts For People Who Sleep On Airplanes More Than In Beds

There's a certain type of person for whom airports and airplanes cease to be novel, and start to feel like home. This is depressing, on many levels! Which is why these people need gifts. Lots and lots of gifts. » 11/23/09 7:10pm 11/23/09 7:10pm

Macbook Air and The Usual Suspects

We already gave you a spec-wise comparison of the Macbook Air and its prominent competitors, but The Usual Suspects—the Lenovo X300 (recently leaked), Sony TZ and Dell XPS m1330—are all back for a photo shoot. Jump for the fantastic line-up of the laptop bad boys bearing it all. » 1/20/08 1:03am 1/20/08 1:03am

TabletKiosk i7209 and i7210: Slim UMPCs, Fat Price

For those who haven't figured out that UMPCs do nothing well, here's a series of the mini-tablets that can do a bad job of everything, only faster. That's because the TabletKiosk i7210 has a faster 1GHz Pentium M processor. But wait, the lower-priced i7209 isn't as lucky, it's still stuck with a 900MHz Intel Celeron M. » 8/02/06 10:06am 8/02/06 10:06am