Rumor: Amazon's App Store for Android is Coming This Month

Wake up sleepyhead, it's now March—and that means it's time for the rival Android app store, as boasted about by a mobile ad network, Millennial Media, on Twitter just now. Their tweet read: "Launching this month! Amazon Appstore for #Android-learn more here," and then included a link to a blogpost for developers.… » 3/01/11 11:10am 3/01/11 11:10am

MobiHand Launching Android App Store, Colors Us Confused

Coinciding with the launch of the G1, mobile app seller MobiHand is putting up its own store dedicated specifically to Android apps, called OnlyAndroid.com. The company is touting it as the first store supporting both free and paid applications for the Android OS, which is a little funny considering that Google's… » 10/22/08 4:00am 10/22/08 4:00am

Handango Opening Parallel Android Marketplace For Paid Apps

Despite the "free" and "open" buzzwords bandied about during the G1 launch, app developers stand to make a good deal of money the platform — that is, when the Android Marketplace » 10/02/08 5:40am 10/02/08 5:40am them. Google should work out a payment system soon, but until then Handango, who already sells apps for virtually every other mobile…