Rumor: Amazon's App Store for Android is Coming This Month

Wake up sleepyhead, it's now March—and that means it's time for the rival Android app store, as boasted about by a mobile ad network, Millennial Media, on Twitter just now. Their tweet read: "Launching this month! Amazon Appstore for #Android-learn more here," and then included a link to a blogpost for developers.… »3/01/11 11:10am3/01/11 11:10am

Handango Opening Parallel Android Marketplace For Paid Apps

Despite the "free" and "open" buzzwords bandied about during the G1 launch, app developers stand to make a good deal of money the platform — that is, when the Android Marketplace »10/02/08 5:40am10/02/08 5:40am them. Google should work out a payment system soon, but until then Handango, who already sells apps for virtually every other mobile…