This Family of Data-Stealing Android Malware Got Downloaded from Google Play Millions of Times

Everyone knows there's malware on Android, but for the most part it just hides out in the seedier back alleys of the OS. You're only likely to run into it if you start side-loading pirated apps, or frequenting sketchy unofficial app stores. But a newly uncovered family of malware—fittingly called "BadNews"—was just… »4/20/13 1:00pm4/20/13 1:00pm


Microsoft Wants to Give Free Windows Phones to Android Users Who Got Screwed with Malware

Windows Phone evangelist Ben Rudolph, with endorsement from Microsoft, is asking Android users to explain their #droidrage on Twitter. That is, to explain how Android malware has screwed Android users over. If people's stories are epic enough, Microsoft will give away free Windows Phones. »12/14/11 9:00am12/14/11 9:00am