We Want to Own this Mystery, Apple-Like Android MID

We know almost nothing about this device of any substance. It could be a prototype. It could be on an assembly line now. But it's a tiny, touchscreen MID that runs Android. And it's pretty much distilled hotness. » 8/17/09 3:40pm 8/17/09 3:40pm

Archos Event Invitation Unsubtly Hints at Rumored Android MID

On its own, it's a stretch: the invite is green and vaguely Android-y, and there's a faint rectangular device in the background, therefore Archos must be working on an Android MID! Right? Well, they are. » 5/18/09 5:24am 5/18/09 5:24am

Texas Instruments Spills the Beans, Archos Working on an Android…

Android Community has learned that Archos is working on a Mobile Internet Device that will run Android, have phone functionality and use the TI OMAP 3 processor (same as the Palm Pre). » 2/09/09 1:58pm 2/09/09 1:58pm