T-Mobile G2 Runs Android 2.2 But Only Has A 800MHz Processor

Looks like the T-Mobile G2 will actually have an 800MHz processor instead of the 1GHz Snapdragon we were expecting. Which will disappoint the number hungry among us, but I'll wait to play with it before I write off an otherwise excellent looking phone. In better news, Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1 is a definite go… »9/01/10 11:58pm9/01/10 11:58pm

Handango Opening Parallel Android Marketplace For Paid Apps

Despite the "free" and "open" buzzwords bandied about during the G1 launch, app developers stand to make a good deal of money the platform — that is, when the Android Marketplace »10/02/08 5:40am10/02/08 5:40am them. Google should work out a payment system soon, but until then Handango, who already sells apps for virtually every other mobile…

Rumor: Best Buy to Carry T-Mobile G1 from October 26th

A purported screenshot of a Best Buy sales terminal indicates October 26th as the day that the first Android phone will be showing on shelves at the retailer. This leak follows a similar one »10/01/08 6:50am10/01/08 6:50am from just a few days ago that reveals the BlackBerry Bold will be coming to Best Buy, also on the 26th. Accompanying screenshots…