R-Type Brings Its 80's Side Scrolling Shooting Nostalgia to Android

R-Type, the side-scrolling shooter classics of all classics, is finally on Android. If your memory fails you (mine did a little), you play as a futuristic space fighter trying to save the world by shooting damn near everything in your way. It's just as you remembered both in graphics and content, with 8 levels, 3… » 9/23/11 3:17pm 9/23/11 3:17pm

Angry Birds Beta Coming To Android This Week

According to a little email sent out by the developer of Angry Birds, a full beta test of the Android version will arrive this week. The game that Apple people go on and on and on about launched on WebOS last week, so it's really about time it hit the rampant Android platform. Register your interest here and you'll be… » 9/01/10 5:11am 9/01/10 5:11am