World's first android newscasters are here to replace cable news hosts

In the future, we'll get the news from fair and balanced android newscasters that'll somehow terrify us more than the cable newspeople we have today. These android newscasters are frighteningly lifelike and can interact with humans, read the news and Tweets, tell a joke and basically replace the lousy talking heads on… » 6/24/14 10:41pm 6/24/14 10:41pm

Russian Mogul Plans to Plant Our Brains in Robots and Keep Them Alive…

The Pentagon's new Avatar project, unveiled by Danger Room a few weeks back, sounds freaky enough: Soldiers practically inhabiting the bodies of robots, who'd act as "surrogates" for their human overlords in battle. » 2/29/12 5:20pm 2/29/12 5:20pm

Why You're So Spooked by the Uncanny Valley

We've all found ourselves in the uncanny valley before. It's that uneasy feeling you get when viewing a realistic humanoid or CGI person that's so close to looking human that it seems almost spooky. » 7/19/11 1:40pm 7/19/11 1:40pm

Incredibly Creepy Japanese Android Gets Facelift, Still Incredibly…

Japanese roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro is at it again. He's improved upon his hellish personal twin android with a new model, the uber realistic Geminoid F. It's totally just like Lt. Cmdr. Data, except you get night terrors. » 4/04/10 1:00pm 4/04/10 1:00pm

Happy Birthday, Horrifying Japanese Child Bot: You're Two

Since we first met Child Robot with Biomimetic Body (CB2), he's been taking a lot in through the black pools of terror he uses for eyes: The little guy's taught himself to walk. Yikes. » 4/06/09 1:00pm 4/06/09 1:00pm

Robots Will Be Taking Care of Your Grandma in Five Years

The Japanese government is planning to put robots to practical use in Japanese households in as soon as five years, and has already begun formulating the political agencies needed to oversee robot safety standards. » 3/26/09 1:30am 3/26/09 1:30am

Japanese Elementary School Kids Now Being Taught by Saya the Robot

Elementary school teachers watch out. Japan's trying to make you obsolete! In lieu of a real flesh and blood person, one primary class in Tokyo is now getting a robot teacher named Saya. » 3/10/09 3:23am 3/10/09 3:23am

Life-Size Star Wars Droids Can Speak, Drain Wallets

Sideshow Collectibles stopped just short of encasing Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker in fiberglass when they created these life-size C-3PO and R2-D2 collectibles. Due out later this year, the authentic figures are powered by lowly AA batteries and have working lights. They also make sounds from the movies and utter… » 3/29/08 4:00pm 3/29/08 4:00pm

Launch of Hitachi's EMIEW 2 Robot Goes a Bit Awry

Its full name is Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Workmate, and this second-gen version of Hitachi's EMIEW office worker robot is a lot better looking than the original. At its launch today, however, things didn't quite go to plan, and what was meant to be a showcase in up-to-the-minute robot… » 11/21/07 4:00pm 11/21/07 4:00pm