Andy Rubin Is Leading a Secret Google Project to Build Robots

Andy Rubin was the man behind Android, but he stepped aside earlier this year. At the time, people suggested he was planning to concentrate on his personal interests—and now an interview with the New York Times reveals that he's busy working on a secret Google project to create a new breed of robots. » 12/04/13 3:40am 12/04/13 3:40am

Google Has Hired Danger, the Makers of Sidekick, to Work on 'Android Hardware'

Fortune is reporting that Joe Britt and Matt Hershenson, co-founders of Danger, have joined Google and Andy Rubin, the other Danger co-founder, to work on a new wing within Android called 'Android Hardware'. That means Danger, the company that made the uber-popular, original Sidekick, is back together at Google. » 5/11/11 10:01pm 5/11/11 10:01pm