Space Olympics: Not Even Lightning-Bolt Gloves Can't Save the Doomed 3022 Games

The year is 3022. Persons of rank wear amazing lightning-bolt gloves that can fend off smallish missiles, and billowy white powdered wigs are finally back in style. The Space Olympics are being held on Zargon, but lo, due to funding issues, popular sports such as Space Disk, Space Swords and the ever-popular Space… »9/16/08 2:00am9/16/08 2:00am

"Staring" Sculpture Depicts Laser Cats In Duel to Death by Exploding Head

I'm no curator, but these two air-dry clay cat sculptures, merged by mere fluorescent tubing and wired up to glow like the heavens, make me want to start a museum entirely filled with sci-fi animals locked in deadly combat. Sure, artist Steve Bishop was going for a more metaphoric approach, indicated by the name he… »9/10/08 6:40pm9/10/08 6:40pm