Play Frankenstein With These Radical Toy Blocks

If you were like me, you immediately switched the heads of your Barbies or Lego minifigures the moment you wrestled them out of the packaging. The new People Blocks by artist Andy Rementer reward our customizable toy fantasies with these hand-painted, rearrangeable wooden blocks. » 11/22/13 5:20pm 11/22/13 5:20pm

Tech Cynicism Has Never Been So Hilarious (Or Sadly True)

Tech is great! Tech makes everything better! Except when it doesn't, as depicted by the extremely funny, brilliantly sick comics of Andy Rementer. His comic, Techno Tuesdays, paints technology (and those who use it) rather morbidly. But he's sorta right? » 11/30/10 8:40pm 11/30/10 8:40pm