Tattoos for Your Laptop: Safer Than Letting Your Mac Drink Jack and…

A Williamsburg tattooist, Scott Campbell, has come up with half a dozen designs that you can have lasered onto your laptop for $200. If you up the price by $100 he'll etch your own design onto your machine, just like he did above, for Brooklyn-based artist Kaws. If these take off, perhaps Apple will change their ad… » 3/20/07 10:59am 3/20/07 10:59am

Gargoyle Thing Giveaway: Winners

The 'ole Gizmodo closet is chock full of junk and we are dumping it on to you. This week we were giving away this guardian angel to protect yourself and your computer from havoc that may happen. Because of all of you damn cheaters and our inferior voting system, we have been forced to select three winners at random.… » 4/20/06 3:03pm 4/20/06 3:03pm

Cleaning Out Our Closet Contest #1: Free Gargoyle Things

Every once in a while we're going to give out things that are hanging around in the office. Today it's three little gargoyles designed for computer users. Actually, they look more like angels. Whatever. They're perfect for the lady with too many cats. » 4/13/06 12:25pm 4/13/06 12:25pm