Astro Ranch is iPhone's Animal Crossing/Harvest Moon-Like Game

Pocket Gamer has the scoop on an upcoming iPhone game called Astro Ranch »8/14/08 4:40pm8/14/08 4:40pm that's half , half -both games that require you to manage different resources on a day-to-day basis. We're not sure what other iPhone tech this would involve other than the panning for gold by shaking the camera like a prospector (and controlling…


WiiSpeak Community Mic: Online Group Chatting Comes to the Wii

The second new Wii accessory out of E3, the WiiSpeak community mic and speaker finally lets you chat with other people online. Unlike an Xbox 360 headset, it's more about group chatting and is placed on top of your TV, like a conference call mic (how does it filter out game sounds?). It's bundled with Animal Crossing… »7/15/08 12:28pm7/15/08 12:28pm