Feast your eyes on these cool geometric infinite loops

Watch classic album covers come to life in this cool music video

Mayokero is the first song of the album Acowpella Beatbox by Israeli artist Roy Kafri. The music video—directed by Vania Heymann, a second year student in Bezalel School of Art and Design—is brilliant. It takes classic album covers and animates them to sing along the song in a completely seamless way. » 10/21/14 12:12am 10/21/14 12:12am

These animated music album covers are really cool

These New Spinning GIFs Are as Cool as the Original Ones

Rrrrrrrrroll, the site dedicated to the art of spinning GIF or whatever that is, continues to be one of the best parts of the internet. The author has recently aded a bunch more, so make sure to check them out. » 11/20/12 5:20pm 11/20/12 5:20pm

Here's the Biggest Animated GIF Party Ever—and You're Invited to Join

We just had the biggest animated GIF party in history in Campfire, our virtual workplace. Or shall I say the beginning, because now you people have to post your own. You have to help us until there's no computer in the world capable of powering this page. » 10/12/12 2:00pm 10/12/12 2:00pm

Christopher M. Jesus Christopher M. Joe

These Spinning GIFs Are Just Great

I love, love, LOVE these spinning animated GIFs, made by a group of friends in Japan. The premise is simple: make a short animation that involves revolving anything on its vertical axis. All of them are great, but the finger above wins. » 7/14/12 11:30am 7/14/12 11:30am

Rice cooker or R2-D2?

China's Pollution Is So Insane You Can See It From Space

This is really bad. NASA has published an image of the pollution haze taking all over the North China Plain. Yes, it's so bad that you can see it taking over thousands of square miles from space. » 1/13/12 4:17pm 1/13/12 4:17pm

Watch Netflix Separate DVDs and Streaming Like Siamese Butt Twins with…

Netflix is having themselves quite the week, and everyone's favorite insaneo Chinese animators are here to show us how things really happened. Apparently it involved asteroids, disc-headed mutant siamese twins, laser pistols, and the Insane Clown Posse. Although in fairness, that mix of ingredients would have made… » 9/20/11 3:20pm 9/20/11 3:20pm

These Are the Trippiest Animated GIFs You Will See Today

I don't know how Ignacio Torres captures and processes these mashups of falling people, smoke and 3D galaxies, but his animated 3D GIFs are simply awesome. [Ignacio Torres] » 8/19/11 3:20pm 8/19/11 3:20pm

Kinect Makes For Easy Motion Capture For Animated Series

Xbox Kinect homebrew hacks have been neat so far, but using it as an incredibly cheap way to motion capture for an animated series? That is incredibly amazing to me. If someone eventually, using the Kinect SDK, makes a program so users can easily do this without having any 3D modeling experience, I would totally… » 3/09/11 11:54am 3/09/11 11:54am

Watch Steve Jobs Take Advantage of Little Kids

I feel the recent in-app-purchase issue where kids are charging hundreds or thousands of dollars in fees by buying game items in real-world money can best be expressed in animated video form. Luckily, the Taiwanese are happy to oblige. » 3/04/11 11:20am 3/04/11 11:20am

For a Post-Christmas Treat, Order a Looky-Likey Android From Japan

What would you spend $225,000 on? An animated android, styled after yourself? Starting in January the Japanese store Sogo & Seibu will begin taking pre-orders for these "Actroids." They may not walk, but they can move their upper bodies. » 12/14/09 6:46am 12/14/09 6:46am

Wall-E on Blu-Ray Arrives November 18th

WALL-E » 11/01/08 2:00pm 11/01/08 2:00pm is set to land on Blu-Ray (and DVD) on November 18th, and will probably become the go-to showoff movie for high-end entertainment systems. The newest Pixar movie is a , and the 3-disc set looks like a must-have for Blu-Ray owners, with all kinds of great extras. More details after the jump. It'll be available…

Animated Waterdrop Sculpture May Amaze, Make You Seasick

Less spine-tinglingly freaky than the eerie-eyeballed Opto-Isolator » 8/19/08 11:00am 8/19/08 11:00am animated sculpture, the upcoming Waterdrop sculpture by Héctor Serrano Studio for Roca may have a different side-effect: seasickness. It's made of hundreds of moving vertical bars, each with a glowing tip, driven by motors to mimic in large scale the…

LA Real Estate Mogul Plans To Light Up Your Life With Blade Runner…

Being the businessman that he is, it wasn't the movie Blade Runner that struck L.A. real estate mogul Sonny Astani, it was the animated billboards depicted in the opening sequence. In fact, the idea has had such a profound effect on him that he plans on making advertising in 2019 Los Angeles a reality ahead of… » 5/06/08 7:30pm 5/06/08 7:30pm

Five Feet of Green Frankenstein Fun

This five-foot-tall animated Frankenstein's monster will move its arms, twist its hips and play spooky noises through its integrated speakers whenever it detects someone walking past. Adults will get a kick out of it, and children will never sleep properly again. The monster is accurate all the way down to the neck… » 8/10/07 5:13am 8/10/07 5:13am