You can watch your favorite movies in one minute with these GIFs

With movies you've already seen, sitting through the whole thing again is a little bit much. Since you already know what's going to happen, you only need to see a few key sequences to get the same amount of enjoyment. A quick top off as opposed to a full refill, you know? Reddit understood that and developed a whole… »11/09/13 1:11am11/09/13 1:11am

Awesome computer software magically turns Star Wars quotes into GIFs

If you ever, for a second, wondered questions like what's the purpose of life or why the Internet exists or what are you going to eat for lunch today, the answer is simply this magical software tool created by GitHub user LindseyB. It automatically turns any Star Wars quote into an animated GIF, complete with caption… »10/30/13 9:19pm10/30/13 9:19pm

3Frames Turns Your iPhone Into the Animated Gif Making Machine You Always Wanted It To Be

Animated gifs are the best thing about the internet age, I think we can agree, and it fills me with excitement that we are now able see our mobile internet devices realize their true potential as tools for creating them. 3Frames, a $3 iOS app, makes mobile gif-making a snap: it'll use your iPhone's camera to capture… »4/08/11 10:40am4/08/11 10:40am