Star Blazers Got Me Through The Shittiest Year Of My Childhood

I was a happy child, but I didn't have such a happy childhood. Other kids didn't get my weird vibe, especially in elementary and middle school. And one year in particular, we moved to a new city and a new school, and things got ugly. Only one thing kept me from losing my shit: Star Blazers. »3/14/15 4:39pm3/14/15 4:39pm

Watch Hayao Miyazaki animate the last shot of his career

This excerpt from The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness—a new documentary about the legendary Studio Ghibli—shows anime master Hayao Miyazaki drawing the last shot of the last film of his career, The Wind Rises. It was precisely during the shooting of this documentary that Miyazaki decided to retire from filmmaking. »12/12/14 11:05pm12/12/14 11:05pm

These sexy manga-style Lego action figures feel totally NSFW

Reddit user IPlayWithFire shared these awesome Lego action figures in provocative poses. These feel like they should be filth, but are they? They do a wonderful job of representing the genre of fembots or gynoids present in anime and manga today. I'll file it under something awesome you can do with your Bionicle. »11/03/14 10:55pm11/03/14 10:55pm