Ann Phone Doubles as TV Remote

The Ann phone is a wireless phone being offered by Korea Telecom that can double as a standard universal remote. On the fly Ann can switch from being a wireless phone to a remove and control your TV, DVD player or DVR. There are two different models available, oddly named Cutie and Sweetie. Korea only. It's not like… » 2/07/07 4:15pm 2/07/07 4:15pm

KT Landline Phones Send SMS When You Miss A Call

These new Korean only KT landline phones, released under the brand "Ann", do two notable things. One is sending an SMS to your mobile phone when you've missed a call on your home line. The second is recording audio if someone enters your home when you're away, giving you evidence that you can eventually turn over to… » 4/30/06 9:29pm 4/30/06 9:29pm