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Welcome to SPLOID, Gizmodo's spin-off blog of all things awesome: News that feels like it's from the future, weird and wonderful happenings, discoveries that can change the world, or just beautiful images and videos—all the things that truly and honestly surprise us. » 12/12/13 5:20pm 12/12/13 5:20pm

Check out NASCAR HQ's Swanky Social Media Control Room (and Then Meet…

Last night in Peachtree City, Georgia, I got to sit in the backseat of a VW Phaeton—the cheapest Bentley I've ever seen—for the first time. That pleased my inner automotive cheapskate. We served pizza and beers to Jalopnik and Gizmodo readers, showed clips from our new TV show, and debated the future legality of… » 3/07/13 5:20pm 3/07/13 5:20pm

Hey, Atlanta! Let Us Buy You Some Beer and Give You a Sneak Peek of…

We're taking the literal Gizmodo TV show on the literal road to give you guys a chance to see some clips before we air on BBC America on March 18th. (10:20PM after Top Gear!) And because I know seeing my pasty mug isn't enticement enough, we teamed up with our friends Matt Hardigree and Travis Okulski from Jalopnik,… » 3/06/13 10:40am 3/06/13 10:40am

Facebook's "Awesome" New Product? Skype Video Chat

Looks like Facebook will be partnering with Skype to offer video chat on mobile devices and browsers. Awesome, indeed. [Electronista] » 7/01/11 5:51pm 7/01/11 5:51pm

What To Expect at Today's Apple Event

We know it's happening. Apple's made it obvious that new iPads will materialize, in expectedly grand fashion, today, March 2nd. So what do we know about the Second Coming—and what else might pop up at Apple's shindig? » 3/01/11 5:55pm 3/01/11 5:55pm

All aboard the double decker bus to Speculationshire, because in London at the…

Buy Your Gizmodo Artist Series T-Shirt Today

You guys kept telling us you wanted an official Giz t-shirt, and now they're here. The very first Gizmodo Artist Series t-shirt, designed by former Giz illustrator Wendy MacNaughton, is available today from BustedTees for $20. » 12/22/10 1:20pm 12/22/10 1:20pm

Introducing the First Gizmodo Artist Series T-Shirt

You guys kept telling us you wanted a Giz t-shirt. So here it is, the very first Gizmodo Artist Series t-shirt, designed by former Giz illustrator Wendy MacNaughton. It's available today from BustedTees for $20. » 10/21/10 12:00pm 10/21/10 12:00pm

Important: Your Mails May Be Published Unless You Tell Us They Are Off…

Something important to keep in mind when you write to us: Unless you say it is off the record, we reserve the right to publish the email. If it's a tip, however, we'll keep your personal information completely confidential. » 4/16/10 2:18pm 4/16/10 2:18pm

iPad Etching Contest Update

The shipment for the winning iPads was delayed until next week, so I'm going through the entries now. I will post the winners next week, so have patience, please! There are a whoooooooole lot of what I am sure are all wonderful designs by very talented people, so I gotta give em all my full attention. » 4/07/10 3:19pm 4/07/10 3:19pm

Dear Googlers, Please Send Us Shots, Details and Videos of Your New…

Hey Googlers, congrats on the new handset. If you guys and gals can send us nice, discreet photos and details of the new handset to, that would kick ass. And all your fellow readers will thank you. XOXO, Brian. » 12/13/09 5:46pm 12/13/09 5:46pm

How to Avoid an Apple News Overdose

As you are probably well aware, there is an Apple onslaught imminent. Looking to avoid our inevitable tsunami of Apple posts? Click/bookmark here and you'll be treated to a version of Giz that's completely Apple-free. You are welcome! » 6/08/09 11:40am 6/08/09 11:40am

At Gizmodo Gallery: Charity and Prizes

If you're not already on your way to the NOW OPEN Gizmodo Gallery to see all of the amazing gadgets we've brought together, here's another reason to come: sweet prize giveaways. » 12/04/08 2:00pm 12/04/08 2:00pm

WowWee Rovio Contest Winner

Congratulations to Neil Morris for coming up with the best productivity gadget out of the submitted entries and winning himself a brand new WowWee Rovio » 11/12/08 12:55pm 11/12/08 12:55pm in the process. His concept, dubbed "Chonograhper" helps users keep track of time. They system consists of a wireless, touchscreen tablet that syncs with your…

Sharp Aquos Contest Winner, Answers to Burning Questions Announced

Congrats to Thomas Kash on winning the 37-inch Aquos TV from Sharp. The Super Bowl party is at his house this year. For everyone that didn't win, you still have an opportunity to take away a bit pride in knowing that you got the right answers to the contest entry questions. Those answers are available after the break. » 9/23/08 3:30pm 9/23/08 3:30pm

New iPods Coming on September 9, Apple Let's Rock Event

The new iPods will come on September 9, as expected. Apple has sent us an invitation to the event, which will happen at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco on September 9 at 10:00 a.m. Obviously, it's about the iPod. But if you look at it carefully, there may be other » 9/02/08 12:38pm 9/02/08 12:38pm hints. Let the…

Stay Tuned: Untold OLPC Hardware Story Coming Soon

Due to some mysterious server mumbo jumbo, our untold story of the OLPC's hardware beginnings—featuring amazing facts, fun pics and an exclusive video interview with Nicholas Negroponte—is unable to load at this time. Stay tuned, though, cuz it's a doozie. » 8/14/08 1:38pm 8/14/08 1:38pm

Commenters, Can We Have A Talk AGAIN?

Well, commenters, here we are again. After we had our little talk a month ago it seems like what we went over hasn't really taken hold. The number of off-topic conversations hasn't really decreased and complaints from your fellow commenters are piling up. Instead of running wild with the banhammer, we figured we owed… » 8/08/08 12:00pm 8/08/08 12:00pm