Check out NASCAR HQ's Swanky Social Media Control Room (and Then Meet…

Last night in Peachtree City, Georgia, I got to sit in the backseat of a VW Phaeton—the cheapest Bentley I've ever seen—for the first time. That pleased my inner automotive cheapskate. We served pizza and beers to Jalopnik and Gizmodo readers, showed clips from our new TV show, and debated the future legality of… » 3/07/13 5:20pm 3/07/13 5:20pm

Let's Talk About Today's Upgrade to the Discussion System

Good morning! You probably noticed that Kinja—our discussion system—looks a little different today. We did this for you; the most common piece of feedback we've gotten about Kinja is that people missed easily seeing the variety of posts that populated the discussion section before a featured thread emerged. » 8/24/12 10:59am 8/24/12 10:59am