Another Nokia Exec Bites the Dust: Anssi Vanjoki

Just days after Nokia announced a new CEO and President in the form of Steve Elop, and key figurehead Anssi Vanjoki has declared his resignation. Vanjoki, who is the Executive Vice President, will be working out his notice for the next six months, and no doubt supporting Elop's transition from Microsoft to Nokia come… » 9/13/10 3:38am 9/13/10 3:38am

Nokia Asks Jobs If iTunes Can Come Out and Play

Does Nokia's multimedia guru Anssi Vanjoki read Gizmodo? A few months back, when Nokia launched its Ovi mobile media portal, our own personal Jesus ridiculed its use of Windows Mobile content as not being able to keep up with iTunes. Well, right or wrong, Nokia got the message, and Vanjoki is now inviting Steve Jobs… » 12/26/07 12:24pm 12/26/07 12:24pm