Scientists at the End of the World Enjoy a Stunning Aurora Australis

At a lonely research station at the end of the world, a group of hardy men and women have spent the last four months in total darkness. The temperature outside hovers around -90ºF (-67.8ºC). But the team received a well-earned bonus recently, when a gorgeous aurora australis rippled across the southern sky. »8/22/15 7:20pm8/22/15 7:20pm

Stunning video of Antarctica creates an unsettling mirrored world

At first, when you watch this video of perfectly pristine Antarctica, you can feel something off and even a little unsettling but you don’t know exactly what it is. It’s not until you realize that the world has been mirrored in perfect visual symmetry that you see what’s going on. The coolest thing is that only the… »7/23/15 3:45pm7/23/15 3:45pm

Video: The stunning still beauty of Antarctica

I think heaven on Earth is Antarctica. Or at least, that’s what it looks like to me. It’s so peaceful and serene and beautiful and pure that it looks like an untouched world. Kalle Ljung filmed this view of Antarctica over a 20-day trip and it’s just gorgeous shot after gorgeous shot. The white is so lovely. »4/27/15 8:40pm4/27/15 8:40pm

Here's What Could Happen If Antarctica's Ice Is Melting From Below

File this under, "Welp, this is worse than we thought." A study published in Nature Geoscience finds that warm seawater is likely getting under an East Antarctica glacier and melting it from below. If the glacier's ice shelf melts, runway melting could cause another 11 feet of sea-level rise—that's on top of… »3/17/15 8:20pm3/17/15 8:20pm

NASA's Most Ambitious Scientific Balloon Collapsed After Two Days Aloft

Welp, this is disastrous. A giant, state-of-art balloon carrying a telescope to detect gamma rays invisible to human eyes was supposed to fly over Antarctica for 100 days—NASA's longest and most ambitious scientific balloon mission ever. Instead, the balloon sprung a leak almost immediately, taking down the entire… »12/31/14 4:30pm12/31/14 4:30pm

Researchers Use GPS to Track Antarctica's Ice Migration in Real Time

Antarctica's melting ice sheets have been a major contributor to global sea level increases over the last decade, and the losses are expected to accelerate over the next two centuries. But researchers attempting to study the rate at which these sheets move and melt have been hamstrung by conventional monitoring… »12/31/14 2:00pm12/31/14 2:00pm