Apple Fixed the Antenna Problem for the iPhone 4S (Hopefully)

Apple just announced the iPhone 4S and it looks exactly the same as the iPhone 4! Does that mean it's plagued by the iPhone 4's notorious attenuation problem? No, not anymore. This time around, they fixed the antenna. » 10/04/11 2:09pm 10/04/11 2:09pm

iPhone 4 "End Call" Decal Isn't Available at the Apple Store

I wish this was real, like the iPhone 4 antenna bandaids. It looks to me like a more stylish solution to the antenna problem than the free Apple bumpers. » 7/21/10 12:00pm 7/21/10 12:00pm

Samsung Speaks Up Over Antennagate—"Reception Problems Have Not…

So we've already had HTC, Nokia and RIM give us their side of Apple's odd attempt to downgrade the entire smartphone industry, now it's Samsung's turn—which says "Reception problems have not happened so far" on Omnia II. » 7/19/10 4:40am 7/19/10 4:40am

RIM And Nokia Respond To Apple's Antennagate Press Conference

RIM and Nokia have responded to Apple's claim that all smartphones have the same attenuation and signal loss issue that the iPhone 4 has. Here's what they said: » 7/17/10 1:30pm 7/17/10 1:30pm

Apple Will Give Free Bumpers to iPhone 4 Owners

After arguing that all smartphones have the same antenna problem the iPhone 4 has, Apple has given a solution to the "non-problem". The one we asked for: Free bumpers or cases. Here are all the details. » 7/16/10 1:30pm 7/16/10 1:30pm

Play the iPhone 4 Conference Scratch Lotto and Get a Free Pizza

Facing the worst image crisis in Steve's Second Kingdom's history, Apple will officially talk about the iPhone 4 antenna problem this Friday. Nobody really knows what they will say but, if you guess right, you can win a free pizza. » 7/16/10 1:20am 7/16/10 1:20am

Apple's Brewing Shitstorm

Dave Winer—the father of blogging and the RSS—has published this article on Apple's current situation. His prediction: The Reality Distortion Field bubble is "about to burst" and Apple is going to suffer the ugliest shitstorm you've ever seen. » 7/15/10 4:20pm 7/15/10 4:20pm

US Senator Hammers iPhone 4 Antenna Problem In Letter to Steve Jobs

AppleInsider has posted an open letter to Steve Jobs by New York Senator Charles Schumer (D). The letter strongly criticizes the iPhone 4's antenna problem. We have confirmed that the letter is real, and it'll be officially published soon: » 7/15/10 11:48am 7/15/10 11:48am

The Saddest Part Of The Whole iPhone 4 Antenna Fiasco Is How Proud…

Apple's iPhone 4 Antennagate rolls on, with the question now, What is Apple going to do about this? Is it going to let it blow over? » 7/14/10 11:20am 7/14/10 11:20am

Get This Free Silicone Case to Solve Your iPhone 4 Antenna Problem (Not…

While Apple isn't giving away free cases to people experiencing the iPhone 4's antenna problem, a company called claims they will. They say they will give you a black, purple, rose, blue, or white LifeGrip silicone-based case for free. » 7/06/10 6:27pm 7/06/10 6:27pm

Video Clearly Shows Antenna Defect on iPhone 4 Web Browser

The iPhone 4's antenna problem continues. People around the world keep experiencing it. So many that a class action suit is already in the works. This video proves that a simple touch affects web page loading, stopping it completely. » 6/29/10 10:00am 6/29/10 10:00am

Test Shows iPhone Antenna Issue Impacts Voice Transmission Too

In this video, an iPhone 4 owner demonstrates how the antenna problem also affects transmission in voice calls. Using only one finger, the voice quality degrades, even dropping completely. He explains the process: » 6/26/10 3:00pm 6/26/10 3:00pm

Steve Jobs Shows Cool Antenna Trick to Russian President

Steve Jobs met with Russian president Dmitry Medvedev to talk about his country's future Silicon Valley. Steve also gave him an iPhone 4, and demonstrated a really neat antenna trick too. Magical. » 6/25/10 2:55pm 6/25/10 2:55pm