Anti-Bacterial, Superheated Steam Cleaner Resembles Bird, Cleans to OCD Standard

This 1200-watt anti-bacterial steam cleaner cleans anything, apparently. Toilets, engine parts of 50-year-old Ferraris, tile grouting—even dirty minds come away purer than a nun's chuff* after a blast from this. Plug it in, fill the reservoir with water and anti-bacterial solution, wait three minutes and then spray… »3/04/08 5:52am3/04/08 5:52am

Elecom M-ABUR Series USB Mouse: Antibacterial Coating, But Don't Kid Yourself

Elecom Corp. is getting creative with its mouse design, and its M-ABUR series takes its prospective buyers into the area of fear, uncertainty and doubt. If you're really scared of bacteria and viruses, Elecom tries to come to the rescue by adding an antibacterial resin to its surface that the company says prevents… »8/08/06 9:09am8/08/06 9:09am