Stable, Sane Young Man Installs DIY RFID Implant into His Hand

Some people are sick of waiting for the RFID implant controversy to play out, and at least one of those people is taking action. YouTube user Quethe has posted a video » 10/15/08 6:13am 10/15/08 6:13am demonstrating his own RFID implantation technique, involving a terrifying pencil-size needle and a chip designed for pets, which he is using for a…

Super Slim USB Mouse Takes You Back to Basics, Wants Gadget Domination

Gadget lovers beware; the technology Antichrist is among us, and it is disguised as a USB mouse with only one button and a scroll wheel. The Super Slim USB Mouse does away with everything you could expect in a traditional PC mouse, and instead incorporates the bare minimum in way of functionality.
» 3/23/08 4:55pm 3/23/08 4:55pm