Axon Anti-Gravity RC Racer Hovers Past the Competition at 50 MPH

The problem with wheels is that contact with the ground generates drag. So, a simple solution would be to develop an anti-gravity car. No sweat-one already exists. Sure it's only a few inches tall but hey, this thing could give your action figures the ride of their tiny plastic lives. Thanks to dual ducted fans and a … »8/07/08 9:00pm8/07/08 9:00pm

Magnetic Shot Glasses Stay Put Even When You're Sloshed

Attach this magnetic sextet of colorful 1.5-inch shot glasses to their included stainless steel tray, and the conical vessels stay put even if you hold the tray upside down. At first we thought there was some magical way to hold the contained liquid in place while the glasses were held upside down, too, but what do… »10/19/07 12:35pm10/19/07 12:35pm