Sony Leak: The Secret Meetings That Set Hollywood's Anti-Piracy War Plan

Every year, legal representatives from seven of the biggest movie studios in the country gather in Sherman Oaks, California to talk about all things anti-piracy. Which isn't surprising; it's their livelihood, after all. But what does leaves a sour taste in your mouth is their plan to spread the DMCA-dispensing… »12/15/14 9:40am12/15/14 9:40am

Record Labels Are Paying Students to Narc on Students Who Pirate Music

If you're still pirating music, stop. It's illegal and wrong and stealing and bad and yadda yadda. But it's also dangerous because you don't even know who you can trust anymore. There is no honor amongst thieves, record labels are using a task force of students to hunt down other students who pirate music. »6/12/12 1:40pm6/12/12 1:40pm

Europe Says Net Banning Is a Violation of "Civil Liberties and Human Rights"

The European Parliament voted on anti-piracy bill that would boot persistent "file-sharers" off of the net, at the last minute shooting down that particular measure. More importantly, it added an amendment that said the European Union and its member countries should "avoid adopting measures conflicting with civil… »4/11/08 11:20am4/11/08 11:20am

Nielsen To Police Web With Anti-Piracy Watermarking Scheme

Nielsen has teamed up with Digimarc to create Nielsen Digital Media Manager, earnest-sounding software that will "use digital watermarking and fingerprinting to establish an industry-wide rules-based solution to copyright security and to assure copyright compliance." While much of this pertains to Nielsen's core… »12/05/07 9:31am12/05/07 9:31am