New Intel Security Can Tell You and Malicious Attacker Apart

Intel's Proteus security software starts out by getting to know you better—understanding your habits and network demands—using those statistical guidelines to clamp down on stuff that, let's face it, doesn't really sound like You. At least, not the You that Proteus has grown to love. This kind of learning really helps… »3/21/08 8:48am3/21/08 8:48am

SpamFighter Fights the Good Fight, Doesn't Enlarge Your PeeeeNi$

Our friends at Lifehacker favor us with their Download of the Day, a Windows-only application called SpamFighter. Master blogger Rick Broida tells us he installed this free app for his wife over the weekend and it's doing "a bang-up job." The drawback? Ironically, it inserts its own breed of spam—an ad at the bottom… »12/27/06 12:24pm12/27/06 12:24pm