This Bag Uses Medieval Technology To Protect Your Laptop From Thieves

You might think you're fooling thieves by choosing a colorful laptop bag that doesn't look the part, but the added weight makes it really obvious you're carrying precious cargo. So the React Messenger Bag from Travelon adds several layers of extra security, including the use of medieval chainmail. » 7/10/12 2:40pm 7/10/12 2:40pm

Lenovo Lets You Disable Your Stolen Laptop With a Stern Text Message

In the next couple months Lenovo will be rolling out a BIOS update for its Montevina laptop users which enables remote shutdown and subsequent encryption via text message. The tech relies on the laptop having a WWAN connection and activates when a custom string, defined by the user and sent from a single, paired… » 11/25/08 5:40am 11/25/08 5:40am

Medion GoPal P4425 SatNav has Fingerprint Recognition

Given that SatNav systems are one of the hottest items to steal these days, Medion's latest GoPal might go some way in redressing the balance. Its P4425 model boasts fingerprint recognition for extra security, meaning that not only will thieves be unable to use it, but might find it that little bit harder to find out… » 9/26/07 7:57am 9/26/07 7:57am

Anti-Theft Coffee Cup Stops That Klepto Cube-Mate

Interoffice politics can get pretty heated at times, I should know. I once stabbed a man with a paperclip. For the ultra-paranoid, or office with a rabid kleptomaniac is this Anti-Theft Coffee Cup. It requires a key to be used. Plug the key into the hole and it can be filled. Leave the plug out and prepare to be… » 3/14/07 2:15pm 3/14/07 2:15pm

FlashFog Car Security: This Time the Fog is Inside the Car

FlashFog may sound like an in-car disco, complete with dry ice and strobe lighting, but it is actually a silent anti-theft device that, if it catches on, could spell the end of noisy car alarms. The mist is made from a combination of glycerol and water, and the manufacturers are already adapting it with tear gas and… » 3/07/07 7:28am 3/07/07 7:28am

Dell Bundles LoJack Anti-Theft Service With Inspiron Laptops

The word on the street is that laptops get stolen. A lot. That's why Dell's announcing that customers who buy their Accidental Damage plan (CompleteCare) with their laptops will receive a Computrace LoJack system as well. Bundled with select Inspiron notebooks, this laptop-LoJack allows the company to track down and… » 2/06/07 8:00pm 2/06/07 8:00pm

RIM's Working On An Anti-Theft Device For BlackBerries

RIM's working on a wireless anti-theft device designed to keep track of your BlackBerry when you forget to. This device constantly monitors whether your BlackBerry is in range, and when you get pick-pocketed, the device tells your BlackBerry to switch to theft mode. If a certain key isn't entered in a certain amount… » 9/20/06 7:30pm 9/20/06 7:30pm