Watch Kids Try to Figure Out How to Use an Old Typewriter

Children growing up today can't remember a world without computers. Typewriters, once ubiquitous in offices and considered the cutting-edge way to write, are now more of a quaint relic than an actual tool... which means they're perfect fodder for the latest installment of the Fine Brothers' "Kids React" series. » 8/04/14 11:08am 8/04/14 11:08am

A Working Apple I Computer Just Sold For $671,400 at Auction

The Apple 1 is a little piece of history, the first in a lineage that's taken the world by storm since its birth in 1976. And that piece of history is worth a lot. An anonymous collector just picked up a still functioning(!) one of the suckers at auction for a cool $671,400. And you thought gaming PCs were expensive. » 5/25/13 11:37am 5/25/13 11:37am

First-Ever Phone Directory and Instruction Manual to Be Auctioned

This is the world's first phone directory—and it's going up for sale next month in New York at Christie's auctioneers. The Telephone Directory, Volume 1, Number 1, for New Haven, Connecticut, aptly enough, is, at 20 pages, more of a pamphlet than the kind of thing that big strong men rip in half to make the ladies… » 5/16/08 12:10pm 5/16/08 12:10pm