AntiSec Leaks 1 Million Apple Device IDs Obtained During FBI Breach (Updated)

Antisec has released 1 million Apple Unique Device Identifiers (UDIDs), claiming that it obtained them after breaching an FBI computer. It also claims to have over 12 million IDs in total, along with user names, device names, cell phone numbers and addresses to go with them. This is very not good. »9/04/12 4:16am9/04/12 4:16am

LulzSec Hacks The Times with Brutal Murdoch Death Notice

Well, seems like LulzSec has returned, and moved beyond the DDOS attack! Not content to merely shut down one of Rupert Murdoch's paper's websites, the hacking group has instead planted a bizarro-Onionesque account of the mogul's death-by-palladium on a Times redesign page masquerading as The Sun. Well played, #AntiSec. »7/18/11 5:15pm7/18/11 5:15pm