Verizon Certifies First Open Development Device (But It's a Secret)

Just a few short months after Verizon's Open Development Conference which laid out everything you wanted to know about their open door "any app, any devce" policy, they've just certified the first device that'll run on their open network. What is it, who made it and when can you buy it? Good questions! They're not… »6/20/08 3:59pm6/20/08 3:59pm


Verizon's Open-Door Policy: What It Actually Means

Verizon Wireless just pulled back the curtain on its Open Development "Any App, Any Device" initiative, but the conference itself was developer oriented and heavy on the jargon. Here we boil it down to what really matters:

Can I port a phone from Sprint?

Will I finally get to download third-party apps?

What… »3/20/08 9:00am3/20/08 9:00am

Verizon Says You Can Port From Sprint, Build Your Own Phone

Click to viewWe just got the juicy details on the Verizon Wireless Any App, Any Device initiative going live in the second half of next year, helping them catch up to the GSM/SIM phone swapping capabilities of TMO and AT&T. The big answers, from the company heads:

• Yes, you will be able to port existing CDMA phones… »11/27/07 10:55am11/27/07 10:55am