Audiovox Introduces "Anywhere" UMPC With Built-In GPS Navigation

Today Audiovox /Jensen announced the release of their new NVX3000PC "Anywhere" Ultra-Mobile PC with Windows XP/ Vista, Bluetooth, and GPS navigation packed behind a 7-inch 800 x 480 dpi screen. But that's not all — they also managed to cram in other features like: a 30GB hard drive, 256MB of memory, 2 USB ports, 2 GB… »10/30/07 8:40pm10/30/07 8:40pm

Logitech Unveils Pure-Fi Dream and Anywhere iPod Docks

Though Logitech has had a few iPod docks in the past, it never seemed to be a major initiative. Now, the company is getting in the game for real with the debut of the all-new Pure-Fi Dream Bedroom Music System ($249.99), a clock/radio-based dock with some delightfully nerdy features (motion sensors!), and the revamped… »8/16/07 4:00am8/16/07 4:00am