8 Fascinating Newsreels From a Giant Treasure Trove Now on YouTube

Today, newsreels seem like a thing of the past—an outmoded medium that feels ancient in comparison to the way we consumer media today. But they dominated much of the 20th century, and now, the AP and British Movietone have uploaded more than one million minutes of them to YouTube. » 7/22/15 8:10pm 7/22/15 8:10pm

10,000 Free FON WiFi Routers and a Review: Go!

Fon, those lovable guys trying to make a WiFi sharing community, are celebrating their 1-year birthday with a 10,000 router giveaway. The b/g routers have both a private and public access point, and you can share your broadband with strangers in exchange for free access to other Fon user's APs around the world, or for… » 2/06/07 2:23pm 2/06/07 2:23pm