Who would win in a fight between a dragon and an Apache helicopter?

The Smithsonian Channel just uploaded this very silly but pretty cool animation of an hypothetical battle between a mighty dragon and an AH-64 Apache helicopter. Who do you think it will win, the mythical fire-breathing creature or one of the most lethal machines created by men? » 1/16/15 7:03am 1/16/15 7:03am

It's hard to believe, but this spectacular shot was not grabbed from some brand new Hollywood movie. This Army Air Corps Apache took part in this dramatic display at the Royal International Air Tattoo at Royal Air Force air base, Fairford, UK. [Uncropped photo: Cpl Neil Bryden RAF/MoD/Crown] » 9/28/14 9:43pm 9/28/14 9:43pm

Check Out These Photos From The Biggest Air Show Of Your Damn Life

The Royal International Air Tattoo is bigger than any air show you've ever been to, with its guy in a biplane doing loops. Seriously, it's the biggest air show on Earth. And this is what it looks like. » 7/16/14 2:04pm 7/16/14 2:04pm

Incredibly enough, this helicopter is not going down in flames

Did China Rip Off the Apache Helicopter?

With fully integrated avionics, weapons, and communications systems, the AH-64D Apache is one of the most successful and deadly aerial assault platforms America's ever fielded, and the technology that powers it is a closely held secret. Imagine, then, the DoD's surprise when these images of what appears to be an… » 10/14/13 7:00pm 10/14/13 7:00pm

Army Helicopter Accidentally Drops Hellfire Missile Over Texas Homes

One hundred homes in Killeen, near Fort Hood, Texas, were evacuated last Tuesday's night after a missile accidentally fell from an AH-64 Apache helicopter. The residents were able to return one hour later, after the US Army found the projectile on the ground. » 5/17/12 11:33am 5/17/12 11:33am

On-The-Fly Ammo Swapping Will Make Tomorrow's Apaches Even More Deadly

Swapping ammo types at the press of a button has been a feature of FPS games for years but has never actually made it into real combat. But the US Army thinks that with recent advances in computerized high-speed sorting, flipping between warheads could become nearly automatic. » 5/02/12 10:00pm 5/02/12 10:00pm

Apache Copters Get New Targeting System That Uses Infrared to Detect…

One of the new weaponry advances for the U.S. Army's Longbow Apache helicopters is a targeting system that uses infrared cameras to detect muzzle flashes from ground fire. That means the Apache's virtual eyes will be instantly drawn towards anybody shooting anything. » 5/03/11 1:00am 5/03/11 1:00am

Dealzmodo Hack: Get Some Use Out of Your Useless Old PC

The PC upgrade cycle is a brutal, senselessly fast one. Problem is, every upgrade doesn't mean disposal for your old PC — it means suffering a much more depressing fate in the back of a dark closet. It doesn't have to be that way. Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of dusty towers yearning to breathe… » 11/14/08 11:00am 11/14/08 11:00am

Riding Shotgun on an Apache Gunship

As if it wasn't cool enough already to be an Apache pilot, these pictures arrive to make us even more envious. If an Apache is nearby a rescue situation then they will sometimes try to lend a hand—even though they only have two seats. The lucky/unlucky copilot has to step outside and sit on the wing stub, to make room… » 9/11/07 5:19am 9/11/07 5:19am

Sprint, Verizon 6700 Get Unofficial WM6 Updates

A forum member on PPCGeeks patched up a version of Windows Mobile 6—complete with HTC's fancy home screen on the HTC Touch—for the aging Sprint and Verizon 6700 phones. It's not compatible with the 6800 (the Sprint Mogul, which already has WM6), so don't install it there. But if you want to get some extra life out of… » 8/31/07 1:15pm 8/31/07 1:15pm

Verizon XV6800 Spyshot

In a surely James Bondish scene complete with lasers and campy theme songs, someone grabbed some shots of the Apache successor, the Verizon XV6800. No big changes here cosmetically, other than what is certain to be a slightly slimmed waistline. Otherwise you get some EV-DO Rev A, improved camera, and other very normal… » 2/10/07 12:25pm 2/10/07 12:25pm