You Can Make Beautiful Abstract Art With The Google Maps API

Google Maps offers a lot of tools for developers (or anyone!) to work with, visualize and customize the existing service. And a lot of cool maps, infographics and tools come out of the APIs. But sometimes it's nice to take something like the topographical data and move it in a totally different direction. Like maybe … » 7/28/13 12:11pm 7/28/13 12:11pm

Is Facebook Locking Down Its Social Graph Data?

For all the reasons that Facebook is a massive success, it has one card that trumps the likes of Twitter, Google and LinkedIn: it knows who your real-life friends are. Kindly, Facebook shares that data with third parties apps using its Social Graph API—but it seems that privilege might not be a given for much longer. » 1/25/13 3:44am 1/25/13 3:44am

Apple Ditches Jailbreak Detection API in iOS

In a move that has been left totally unexplained, Apple has ditched its jailbreak detection API that it introduced to iOS about six months ago. The utility was mostly of service to enterprise specialists who wanted to make sure their networks weren't being compromised by jailbroken iPhones, which can pose security… » 12/10/10 7:23pm 12/10/10 7:23pm