What's Eating Florida? These Six Voracious Species

Just in case Florida didn't have enough going against it already (looking at you Florida Man), the state that everybody loves to hate is currently being invaded. No, not by Cuba—by a variety of non-native plants and animals that are wreaking environmental havoc and causing billions of dollars in damage. These are six… »1/28/14 10:20am1/28/14 10:20am

How Living Infrastructure Will Save Our Cities from Nature's Wrath

Super-typhoon Haiyan, the single most powerful storm ever recorded, is an unsettling harbinger of troubles to come. Weather systems across the globe have gained terrifying intensity and destructive force over the past few years thanks to our rapidly warming planet. New defenses are needed to protect our metropolitan… »11/19/13 5:20pm11/19/13 5:20pm

The $13 Billion Presidential Helicopters We Scrapped and Sold to Canada

Getting anywhere in Washington DC traffic can be a nightmare, even if you're the leader of the free world and have a motorcade at your disposal. But at least the president can hop aboard Marine One (the fleet of presidential helicopters) and rotor to his next appointment instead. The VH-3D Sea Kings that currently… »8/08/13 7:20pm8/08/13 7:20pm

Russia's Newest Ballistic Missile Sub Something Something Red October

While Russia's submarine fleet remains a formidable force in the 21st Century, the country still relies on craft built before the Iron Curtain lifted. Today, a lot of the subs are getting long in the tooth. However, the new SSBN Yury Dolgoruky will provide Mother Russia with a fresh set of nuclear fangs. »1/15/13 4:20pm1/15/13 4:20pm

Transect China in Half the Time Aboard the World's Longest High-Speed Rail Line

High speed rail may be a quixotic public works project here in California but for China, it's a cornerstone of the country's transportation infrastructure. Yesterday, Chinese officials expanded that infrastructure by inaugurating the longest such rail line on Earth and announced plans for seven more. »12/27/12 12:25am12/27/12 12:25am

Supreme Court Gives the Go Ahead for Re-Copyrighting Public Domain Works

You've got to be kidding me. The US Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that Congress can remove works from the public domain and re-copyright them in order to bring the the pieces into compliance with international copyright schemes. Yeah, because that doesn't run completely against the spirit of copyright law or anything. »1/19/12 11:20pm1/19/12 11:20pm