That Time I OD'd on Pot Drugs and Watched Apocalypse Now Redux

Remember that time columnist Maureen Dowd went to Colorado, holed up in her hotel room, ate some pot candy, and freaked out because she ate way too much? And remember how everybody was making fun of her? Well, I identified with that story a little too much. I know those feels, Maureen. » 6/14/14 9:00pm 6/14/14 9:00pm

Swine Flu Tracker iPhone App Allows You to Panic Anywhere

As if you didn't have enough with the Google case map and CDC's Twitter, here you have the Swine Flu Tracker for your iPhone or touch. Unfortunately, it may not reach your hands soon enough. » 4/30/09 4:00pm 4/30/09 4:00pm

Protect Yourself Against the Swine Flu, With Style

The WHO has raised the Swine Flu—which you can follow in this map or through Twitter—to alert level 5, which means a pandemic is imminent. Not funny. Some people, however, are having fun. » 4/30/09 8:42am 4/30/09 8:42am

Follow the Swine Flu Pandemic in Real Time With Google Maps

The current Swine Flu pandemic headlines read like those flashing through the intro sequence of a post-apocalyptical movie. Now you can see the cases spreading in real time—as the WHO declares them—in Google Maps. Updated » 4/27/09 8:40am 4/27/09 8:40am