Amazon Tries to Make Amends for Deletion of 1984 with Warm Words, Cold …

Remember Amazon's remote deletion of all Kindle copies of 1984? Big bro' Amazon is trying to make nice by offering affected users some pretty words along with either $30 checks or redelivery of 1984 (with your original annotations). » 9/03/09 11:59pm 9/03/09 11:59pm

Zune 2 Coverage: Sorry We're Late

Guys, thanks for the emails this morning RE: Zune 2. I know a lot of you were expecting rich Zune 2 coverage this AM, but we were apparently put on the second tier list and are waiting for our hardware to arrive today, after everyone else has run their coverage. I'm not sure what happened. There are lots of people on… » 11/12/07 1:41pm 11/12/07 1:41pm