Apple Seems Slightly More Apologetic as It Removes Page Resizing Code

Apple continues to make an absolutely huge mess of apologising to Samsung, with the Javascript that initially hid the legal correction from view now removed from the UK site so its half-arsed apology is a little more visible. » 11/09/12 8:49am 11/09/12 8:49am

Apple Posts Its Apology to Samsung Online, in Arial

Last week Apple lost an appeal against a UK High Court of Justice ruling, and was told to post a public apology to Samsung. In Arial. Now it's popped up online. » 10/26/12 3:33am 10/26/12 3:33am

Apple Forced to Run Public Apology in 14pt Arial

Having lost its appeal against the UK High Court of Justice's ruling, which decided Samsung's tablet designs didn't infringe on the iPad, Apple is being forced to make a public apology. » 10/18/12 7:30am 10/18/12 7:30am

Whoops, I Broke Belkin's Site

Earlier I posted about Belkin's half-off-everything sale and that ended up smashing their servers into tiny little unresponsive bits. Sorry about that Belkin. » 9/16/11 2:02pm 9/16/11 2:02pm

How I Made a 15-Year-Old App Developer Cry

When I was 15, I was wearing baggy jeans, chasing girls and listening to hip hop. If I was 15 today, I'd probably do the same things but with skinny jeans on. Not Nick D'Aloisio. He's a 15-year-old kid who makes iPhone apps. And I made him cry. » 8/11/11 4:37pm 8/11/11 4:37pm

Kanye's "Apology" Tweets: Edited into Letter Form

The 'tubes are buzzing this AM with Kanye's two-hour Twitterized heart-dump. Pure and honest (?), it was also hard to follow. So I edited it. Lightly. Because even Kanye West needs an editor, and dude, we media aren't so bad. » 9/04/10 1:00pm 9/04/10 1:00pm

Atari Tester's Machine from the '90s Contains Mysterious Apology

For a relatively low number of American dollars, you can own your own Atari TT 030 computer, used by testers to work on the Jaguar title Aliens vs. Predator and—according to the weird file show here—shenanigans. [eBay] » 7/10/10 1:54pm 7/10/10 1:54pm

Tiger Woods' Apology Will Be Live-Streamed on YouTube Today

It may not be a CGI apology (bet his wife would've loved that!) but Tiger Woods will be making his first public apology live on YouTube today. » 2/19/10 7:35am 2/19/10 7:35am

Apologies to Jim from JimonLight!

We posted our feature on Christmas Lights yesterday and the writer, the talented but inexperienced Chris Jacob used Jim Hutchison's piece as a source for some of his writing. But he didn't attribute clearly enough! We had the idea for the story, coincidentally, without knowing of Jim's fine work. And when it came time… » 12/14/09 11:04am 12/14/09 11:04am

Apologies: We Had Malware Running as Ads On Gizmodo

Guys, I'm really sorry but we had some malware running on our site in ad boxes for a little while last week on Suzuki ads. They somehow fooled our ad sales team through an elaborate scam. It's taken care of now, and only a few people should have been affected, but this isn't something we take lightly as writers,… » 10/27/09 1:37am 10/27/09 1:37am

It's About Time: Britain's Prime Minister Apologizes to Alan Turing

Remember how we told you that there was a petition to ask the British government to apologize for chemically castrating computer science legend Alan Turing during WWII because he was gay? Yea well, Prime Minister Gordon Brown finally did today! » 9/10/09 9:09pm 9/10/09 9:09pm

I'm Sorry

Hello Giz Readers,
I'd like to apologize for the hiccups in our liveblogs today. Some of the errors were user errors. I didn't know that our image caching system had changed until the event started, which delayed the shots from getting up as quickly as you've come to expect from us through the years. The other part of… » 9/09/09 5:41pm 9/09/09 5:41pm

Let's Ask the British Government Apologize to Alan Turing

Alan Turing, a father of computer science and WWII code-breaker was prosecuted by the British government for being gay. Then chemically castrated. Sign this petition if you think this is fucked up and want them to apologize. » 8/31/09 7:00pm 8/31/09 7:00pm

Apple Admits MobileMe Snags, Gives Free 30-Day Extension

Apple's MobileMe service hit so many snags during its launch period that Apple have just issued an email apology to members. Saying "The transition from .Mac to MobileMe was a lot rockier than we had hoped," Apple's apologizing with a 30-day membership extension for free to anyone who was a .Mac member with an active… » 7/16/08 9:34am 7/16/08 9:34am

Xbox 360 Bill Gates Edition (1 of 1 Limited Apology Run)

A few weeks back, an unlucky Xbox owner shipped off his customized Bungie autographed console to Microsoft's repair center, and to his horrors they wiped it clean. Bungie resigned a console for him, but now, Microsoft is chiming in with a new console with Bill's signature on it and hundreds of dollars worth of new… » 3/22/08 5:30pm 3/22/08 5:30pm

Microsoft Valentine's Day Zune Delayed; Sorry Seems to be the Hardest…

Those chaps at Microsoft promised a special edition Zune 80 for Valentine's Day, but the units have struck a delay and will not reach their destinations on time. That surely blows, but if your sweet was due to receive a Cupid red Zune 80, fret not. Microsoft is doing the right thing—they're refunding the cash, and… » 2/09/08 10:55am 2/09/08 10:55am

Macenstein's January Mac Chick of the Month

We tricked you, and if you just clicked on that link the sore memory is probably even fresher than for those who knew better. We are very sorry, and to make it up to you, here's Elise Frappier stripped half-nekkid and posing with a Macbook. Who is Elise? Macenstein's Mac Chick of the Month, of course. » 1/27/08 4:00pm 1/27/08 4:00pm

Zune Insider Apologizes for 3AM Zune Stunt

Remember that stunt last week where the Zunemobile blasted Timberlake at 3am in NY? Well, Cesar from Zune Insider drew the short straw and had to bring the Sorry Back. » 2/28/07 6:25pm 2/28/07 6:25pm

BenQ Apologizes for Pissing all over the WTC

If you recall, BenQ recently ran an advertisement for their silly dog tag MP3 player featuring a guy standing in front of rubble from the World Trade Center bombing. Well, they have since took down the page and placed a apology letter in its place. » 12/06/06 12:29pm 12/06/06 12:29pm