Shoot At Your Friends, Build a Railroad, and Become the Next Deadmau5

You can run around shooting people or build a railroad. Are you the soldier or the builder? These are the hard questions you have answer in the world of apps. No wait, you can be both because the games are on sale. Hooray for capitalism! But if shooting and building aren't your thing, you can also be a musician in… »2/08/12 5:02pm2/08/12 5:02pm


Take Pictures Quicker, Sync DropBox Music, and Open Almost Any File

Apple says the camera on the iPhone 4S is quick. Well, quicker, anyway. You still have to launch the app, then take a photo. Sometimes it's super fast. Other times, it's so slow you miss your chance to take a picture of the Yeti that just ran off with your backpack. Next time, capture that thieving Bigfoot with an app… »2/07/12 4:20pm2/07/12 4:20pm

Edit Videos, Play a German Board Game, and Kick a Football FTW

Back in my day we would edit videos on a large table with razor blades, white gloves, and grease pencils. Ok, I'm not that old. But, if you told me 15 years ago you could edit video on a phone, I'd have called you a witch and burned you at the stake. Well, today we have two video editing apps on sale, and no one is… »2/03/12 4:20pm2/03/12 4:20pm

Make a Quick Meal, Fight Monsters, and Enjoy Delicious Ninja-Cat Candy

After a long day of doing what ever the hell it is you do, you demand nourishment. Butyour body is weak from doing that thing. All those fancy recipe apps want you to spend hours in the kitchen grating weird nuts you've never heard of and crushing spices with a spoon. A quick meal is what you need, and we've got an… »2/01/12 4:40pm2/01/12 4:40pm

Go Crabbing, Race a Wipeout Clone, and Learn to Tie a Tie

Someone probably told you that wearing a tie is a sign that you've given up on being cool. In some cases, that's probably true. But if the difference between getting a job and eating Top Ramen for another month comes down to a simple tie, maybe cool is overrated. If working indoors isn't your deal, get a job on a crab… »1/31/12 2:20pm1/31/12 2:20pm

Create Friend Icons, Time-Travel with Ducks, and Control Your Computer From Afar

Time travel is tricky. Will you destroy your present by going back in time and changing something? But what if your present is dictated by what you did when you went back in time? Paradoxes are fun. While you try to figure out why the plot of Terminator shouldn't work, save some dough on a time-altering game, favorite… »1/26/12 4:40pm1/26/12 4:40pm

Take Better Notes, Draw Your Thoughts, and Rock Out With Your Finger

Someone told me about a study that determined that doodling enhanced your comprehension of what's going on around you. I think it's bunk, but what do I know? If you're the type of person who sketches rather than writes, we have a free app for you. We also tracked down a written-note taking app and a way to relive your… »1/25/12 4:20pm1/25/12 4:20pm

Merge Faces, Strike a Yoga Pose, and Play Nerdy Card Games Some of Us Actually Like

Yoga is amazing. I had my doubts, but it really builds strength and flexibility. Maybe I look a little foolish in the unitard, but dammit I don't care. I'm getting in shape over here. So get in shape with me, play a few nerdy card games, and let's morph our faces together to see what our kids would look like in… »1/24/12 5:20pm1/24/12 5:20pm

Play a Mario Kart Ripoff, Scan Your Business Cards, and Defend Your Miners

There are games we really want on the iPhone but we know we'll probably never get. Actually anything Nintendo makes would be great as an iPhone app. But there is one app in particular that would really make me happy: Mario Kart. Lucky for me, there's a complete ripoff of the game in the App Store right now. Plus,… »1/20/12 4:00pm1/20/12 4:00pm

Get Ready to Rock, Take Better Photos, and Save the Sheep

Everyone wants to play guitar. You pick one up and boom you're traveling the globe bagging chicks/dudes and living the lifestyle that ends up on VH1's Behind the Music. Unfortunately, playing guitar is hard work and takes years to master. That's okay, we found an app to get you started. Plus, an app to take photos of… »1/17/12 4:00pm1/17/12 4:00pm

Get Into a Dog Fight, Blow Your Nose On Your Enemies, and Filter Up Those Photos

Manipulating photos to look like they were taken with a crappy camera is all the rage these days. I can't even post a photo unless I've distressed the edges. It's a sickness. I would say I have the cure, but I don't. Instead I have an iPad app that'll really go to town on your photos. You won't even recognize the… »1/16/12 4:40pm1/16/12 4:40pm

Battle Your Word-Nerd Friends, Swipe Your Tunes, and Get some Work Done

It's a fact of life that some of us have to work even when we're away from the office. Yeah, it sucks. But at least we're not stuck in a meeting with Stinky Bob. Seriously Bob, buy some deodorant. Today we have an app that lets you edit and create Microsoft office documents from your iPad. Woohoo work! Or just say the… »1/06/12 2:40pm1/06/12 2:40pm

Play Something Beautiful, Harness the Power of Gravity and Stop Loafing Around in Bed

Everyone's stuck in an 8-bit nostalgia loop. We got 8-bit games, icons, and avatars, all over the place. Enough, I get it. Pixels are awesome. How about we take a break from characters made up of 16 dots and play something beautiful like Machinarium. Once you've feasted your eyes, you can jump to success and grab… »1/05/12 3:33pm1/05/12 3:33pm

Get Back in Shape, Ride a Motorcycle, and Finger Race

You probably put on a few pounds this holiday season. Hey, it's not your fault, because Egg nog and cookies are scrumptious. But today is the day you start getting rid of the holiday lump that rests above your hips. With Ease into 5K, you'll be running off those pounds before the Valentine's Day chocolates arrive. Or… »1/04/12 4:11pm1/04/12 4:11pm

Create a Collage, Drive a Tank, and Solve Mysterious Puzzles

Putting photos together to create a collage is usually something that teenage girls do to pass the time on rainy days. Why should they have all the fun? I'll just create my own collage without all the cutting and pasting and Lady Gaga lyrics. After I've created an image that conveys my emotions, I'll probably play a… »1/03/12 1:20pm1/03/12 1:20pm

Conquer the World with Strategy, Play Some B-Ball, and Beavers are Jerks

If you're tired of being shot in the head by a 12-year old that keeps spawn camping and yelling obscenities in your ear, maybe it's time for a strategy game. Whether it's real-time or turn-based, strategy games let you control armies instead of a dude with a gun and an attitude. Of course you could just play some… »1/02/12 4:40pm1/02/12 4:40pm