Windows Phone 7 Apps: What We Know, What We Don't

The first time Microsoft mentioned apps today, it was to mock Apple, and they completely nailed what's wrong with the iPhone app metaphor. But apps define the smartphone experience, so what's the plan for Windows Phone 7? It's... coming together. » 2/15/10 4:40pm 2/15/10 4:40pm

The App Store Effect: Are iPhone Apps Headed for Oblivion?

It's uncanny. When known software gets repackaged for iPhones and iPod Touches and passes through the hallowed gates of the App Store, something happens: Almost invariably, it gets cheaper. Waaay cheaper. Good right? Well, not always. » 10/16/09 11:40am 10/16/09 11:40am

Windows Mobile Marketplace To Skim 30%, Promises App Approval…

Microsoft has dribbled out a few specifics about their upcoming Windows Mobile Marketplace: an industry standard 70% dev commission, a familiar $99 joining fee, and a somewhat pointed pledge of "transparency". » 3/11/09 9:00am 3/11/09 9:00am