How a Rogue Developer Got Apple to Approve a Drone Strike App

After nearly two years and a ton of media attention, you can now download an iPhone app that alerts you every time a drone strike kills someone abroad. It only took the app developer six tries and several different names to get Apple to approve it. » 2/11/14 4:40pm 2/11/14 4:40pm

Flappy Bird Is Officially Gone From the App Store and Google Play

As promised, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has removed his torturous app from Apple's App Store. Flappy Bird is gone. It is survived by knockoffs like Clumsy Bird and Happy Poo Flap, and by the nightmares and thumb pain it has caused you these last few weeks. » 2/09/14 12:46pm 2/09/14 12:46pm

Definitive Proof That App Store Search Is the Absolute Worst

One of the most exciting new apps in months has hit Apple's App Store today: Paper, an app that provides a refreshing new Facebook experience. This is an app that, conservatively, hundreds of thousands of people want to download today. Good luck finding it. » 2/03/14 1:08pm 2/03/14 1:08pm

Mac App Store Bug Is Upgrading Illegal and Trial Software For Free

As well as giving away OS X 10.9 Mavericks for free, Apple has also promised to update iWork and iLife gratis, too, for anyone that bought a Mac after October 1st. But there's a glitch in the system that means people with illegal or trial copies of the software are being given free updates too. » 10/24/13 7:02am 10/24/13 7:02am

Emojify for iOS: Turn Your Face Into a Piece of Emoji Art

Look at the text message conversation between any two people in the 12 to late 20s age range and there's a pretty decent chance you'll get a deluge of brightly colored cartoon icons that, just a few years ago, would have seemed entirely nonsensical. Now they can tell entire tales. Yes, Emojis have taken over, and… » 8/22/13 6:00pm 8/22/13 6:00pm

Researchers Snuck Malware Onto the App Store By Making It a Transformer

No one really knows exactly how Apple makes sure the apps that wind up in its store are safe. All we know is that the App Store has a comparatively better track record than its Android counterpart. But nothing is ever totally safe. Researchers managed to sneak malware onto the App Store with ease by giving their app » 8/17/13 9:12am 8/17/13 9:12am

Amazon's Updated Kindle App Is a Tiny F U to Apple's App Store

Amazon just released a new update to its Kindle app for iOS, and it basically just told Apple to go f*** itself in the process. The Apple App Store bible absolutely forbids in-app purchases unless the company is willing to give Apple a 30 percent cut, but Amazon has finally found a way around this little speed bump:… » 7/30/13 4:19pm 7/30/13 4:19pm

In the App Store Economy, Only Suckers Pay Retail

On the off chance you missed it, you might be interested to know that there's an unprecedented sale going on right now in the App Store. Apps that yesterday were 10 or 20 dollars are free today. Your first reaction is great. Your second, if you're anything like me, is but I just bought these. And that's because we're… » 7/08/13 2:12pm 7/08/13 2:12pm

The Best Free Apps in Apple's App Store Anniversary Fire Sale

There have been plenty of App Store sales before, some of them quite extensive. But Apple's never offered discounts of this magnitude before. Some of the best—and most expensive—games and apps you can find on iOS are free today, presumably in honor of the App Store's five-year anniversary. Here are the ones you need… » 7/08/13 9:06am 7/08/13 9:06am

How Many Apps Does an App Need to Sell to Be in the Top Apps List?

When the App Store was fresh and new, you'd see different apps pop up in the Top Apps list. Those Top Apps lists were actually usable. But ever since Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja and whatever else decided to squat down, it's the same damn apps over and over. So how popular does an app have to be to crack these lists? » 7/01/13 9:00pm 7/01/13 9:00pm

Mailbox for iPhone Is Finally in the App Store, Along With Its…

Mailbox, the new e-mail client that's had the tech world all atwitter recently, has officially gone live in the App Store. Created by the productivity software masters at Orchestra, the ultimate goal was to reinvent the mobile-specific email experience. » 2/07/13 1:38pm 2/07/13 1:38pm

Apple Removed a Photo App from the App Store Because Artistic Nudity…

500px, one of the best iPad apps for finding great pictures, was pulled from the App Store today because Apple is Tobias Funke never nude-levels of prudish when it comes to the naked body. Apparently, the app made it too easy to find pictures with nudity in them so it got kicked out. » 1/22/13 10:00pm 1/22/13 10:00pm

Apple's App Store Is Finally Cracking Down on the Screenshot Scam

After years of complaints, scams, and careless screening tactics, Apple's App Store is finally starting to figure itself out. The latest update should stop developers from using misleading screenshots by locking them into place once the app gets approved. » 1/10/13 11:01am 1/10/13 11:01am