Your Voice Is Your Password with Barclay's Phone Verification System

The days of having to remember your childhood dog's mother's maiden name or what street your first high school mascot lived on could soon be a thing of the past. Barclay Wealth has recently introduced a verification system that uses biometrics, rather than random facts, to confirm your are who you say you are. »5/09/13 6:40pm5/09/13 6:40pm


Farming Nemo: How Aquaculture Will Feed 9 Billion Hungry People

Shrimp fountains don't grow on trees, you know—nor do Ahi Tuna steaks, Fish McBites, or fried calamari. But that hasn't stopped an increasingly affluent human population from annually demanding more and more seafood. As a result, an estimated 85 percent of the ocean's fish stocks are now either fully exploited or… »4/09/13 4:55pm4/09/13 4:55pm

North Korea's Nuclear Reactor: Everything You Need to Know

After its third nuclear test in February drew a harsh rebuke from the international community and further tightened economic sanctions against the Hermit Kingdom, North Korea has once again doubled down on its nuclear rhetoric. The country announced today that it will soon restart the Yongbyon reactor, Pyongyang's… »4/02/13 12:58pm4/02/13 12:58pm

This Is What Happens When You Fight a Five-Alarm Fire in Single-Digit Weather

Firefighting is an extremely dangerous job on par with helicopter linemen and DC pizza delivery boys. But when fighting a Chicago-area warehouse inferno earlier today, crews had to endure both fire and ice caused by temperatures hovering just above 0 degrees F. Check out shots of the fire's aftermath over at WSJ. »1/23/13 5:20pm1/23/13 5:20pm