Apple to Introduce New High-speed Connection with Next Macbooks, Possibly Light Peak

CNET is reporting that Apple will introduce a new high-speed connection technology with either their upcoming MacBook Pro or another product altogether. Supposedly, the technology is actually Intel's Light Peak technology, which is expected to replace the various cables that connect multiple devices (your display, usb… » 2/20/11 10:00am 2/20/11 10:00am

Seagate 2.5-inch Hard Drive Flaw Affecting MacBooks?

Retrodata, a data-recovery company, has just issued a warning for Apple MacBook owners with Seagate hard drives that were manufactured in China and have a firmware version of 7.01. Apparently these have a fatal flow that cause their read/write heads to fail mechanically, scratching up the hard drive surface as… » 10/29/07 4:40pm 10/29/07 4:40pm

Mac Notebooks Suffering from Stretch Marks, Swollen Batteries?

Perhaps this is a sign that we're overdue for some new Mac portables. A very caring MacBook owner recently found unsightly stretch marks along his Mac's derriere, despite pampering it like it was his first-born. Earlier we heard reports of swollen batteries on MacBook Pros—one of them even went up in flames. Sounds… » 3/23/07 5:59pm 3/23/07 5:59pm

MacBook Keyboard Gutted to Support Dvorak Layout

A crafty MacBook owner has gone through the tedious act of switching his MacBook's QWERTY keyboard for the Dvorak layout. The Dvorak layout (named after Dr. August Dvorak, not that Dvorak) was created to let people type faster. It places the most common used letters in the middle row and the least used keys on the… » 12/27/06 3:42pm 12/27/06 3:42pm