New Time Capsules and Airport Extremes With Software Update Caching…

WWDC may've left us wanting for some new Airport Extremes and Time Capsules, but according to code that 9to5Mac dug up in the latest AirPort Utility update, new models are coming at some point. » 6/15/11 5:55am 6/15/11 5:55am

WWDC 2011 Predictions: Here Comes iCloud, But What Else?

Apple made the bold move of pre-announcing its WWDC offerings last week, but we're sure there will still be surprises aplenty. Be sure to check out our liveblog today for breaking news; in the meantime, here are our predictions: » 6/06/11 9:00am 6/06/11 9:00am

Apple AirPort Extreme Won't Be Extreme in Some Parts of World

While we here in the States enjoy our AirPort Extreme's newfound speeds, our friends across the pond will be left out in the cold. The UK, Japan, and certain parts of Europe prohibit the use of wide-channel operations so unlike us, AirPort Extreme users won't be able to use the 5GHz frequency that gives the new… » 1/26/07 5:55pm 1/26/07 5:55pm