Take That, Apple! Amazon Can Call Their App Store "Appstore" For Now

The war over the "App Store" name is far from over, but Amazon's been granted a small reprieve by a US judge, having denied Apple from requesting a preliminary injunction on the use of the term. While the judge didn't agree with Amazon's claims that "App Store" (or even "Appstore," as they phrase it) is generic, the… »7/07/11 8:01am7/07/11 8:01am


Apple App Store Developers Furious Over Crafty "Line Jumping" Application Names

A few Apple App Store developers have apparently taken a page from the line cutting Steve Wozniak today, and are using a loophole in the service's naming conventions to shoot their apps to the top of the list. The story goes that certain developers are cutting to the head of the class with sneakily inserted spaces and… »7/13/08 3:23pm7/13/08 3:23pm