The HiPhone Nano: iPhone Clone or Nano Phone?

It's been a while since we've heard more about the iPhone Nano, and even though it's hasn't shown its face yet it already has its own clone: The HiPhone Nano. » 4/17/09 10:30pm 4/17/09 10:30pm

Unboxed Psystar Open(3) Looks Like Any Other Hackintosh

Someone got the first Open(3)—the kind-of-slimline Psystar Mac "clone"—and posted a lot of pics. Like its guts, it just looks like any other Hackintosh. You know, the ones you can make yourself. » 4/16/09 6:40pm 4/16/09 6:40pm

Exclusive Video: Psystar in the Wild

Click to viewIt's alive. Reader Patrick (Whiskeyfrown) is lucky enough to be using one of the few Psystar Open Computing machines that have made it into the wild, and he was generous enough to make a video showing the machine (including the connections in the back to the monitor to show that it's legit). The thing… » 4/28/08 2:18am 4/28/08 2:18am

Latest in Psystar Saga: Mac Clones Supposedly Shipping Right Now + New…

When we last checked in on super shady Mac cloner Psystar's gridskipping ways, they'd supposedly somehow managed to land a $6 million pad—a little fishy, given their brief history. A ZDNet reader on the ground got up close, reporting that there's definite activity at the location, though no hard confirmation it's… » 4/19/08 6:30pm 4/19/08 6:30pm

Psystar Exposed: Looks Like a Hoax

Click to viewAfter the Guardian did their own investigation into the Mac clone maker Psystar yesterday, we decided to take it a step further and see if they actually exist, in the physical sense. How could a company so brazenly challenge Apple and have little to no record of actually being a company? We sent the… » 4/16/08 12:52pm 4/16/08 12:52pm

Mac Clone Maker Psystar Says Apple's EULA Violates Monopoly Laws, Wants…

Psystar, who's just announced that they're going to sell a $399.99 Mac clone called Open Mac, doesn't care that Apple's EULA prohibits using OS X on any machine not made by Apple. In fact, they say that Apple's terms "violate U.S. monopoly laws", posing the example of Microsoft theoretically saying you could only… » 4/14/08 8:41pm 4/14/08 8:41pm