Apple CYOA: Page 7

You stumble onto the shaman’s mystical chamber. “What are you doing here, kid!”, exclaims the Shaman. You tense up. Words start forming, but your throat closes around them. The Shaman casts a spell. Your legs don’t work. A bright blast of blue light blinds you and knocks you to the floor. Your legs still don’t…

Apple CYOA: Page 25

Apple engineers stumble upon the secret to time travel while researching ways to make iPhones have a coefficient of friction less than 0.02 in order to increase sales of iPhone cases. You have the option of going back in time only once before the time travel device gets too scratched up and fingerprinted to function.…


Apple CYOA: Page 39

You decide to bring back the Macworld keynote for the year 2010, despite having previously backed out of it. You end up giving a slightly above average presentation, only stumbling twice due to technical difficulties: once with yet another Flickr integration demo, and once when Steve Jobs booed you from the audience.