Our iPad Mini Apple Event Liveblog Bonanza Kicks Off RIGHT NOW

Starting right now, Apple will finally lift the veil on its iPad Mini, lock in new iTunes goodies, and maybe intro a new iMac. And we'll be covering it all right here. » 10/23/12 1:00pm 10/23/12 1:00pm

Retina Display 13-inch MacBook Pro Appears on Google Before Today's…

If Google's web crawlers are correct, there will be a new Retina display 13-inch MacBook Pro announced today. The Apple Store is currently down, so we can't follow the link, but a Google search for "13-inch macbook pro" returns results at the official Apple site referring to the new model. » 10/23/12 9:25am 10/23/12 9:25am

Apple Event: iPad Mini, 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina, New iMac and Mac…

Tim Cook and his mariachis are presenting the new ultra-thin, ultra-light, magical iPad Mini or iPad Air* today at 1pm Eastern /10am Pacific at the California Theater in San Jose. They will probably announce other products too. We'll be commenting it live. » 10/22/12 3:20pm 10/22/12 3:20pm

What's Behind the Next Apple iPhone 5 Event

Although you can't clearly see Scott Forstall's deranged face on this drawing, everything in this graphic showing the mechanics of Apple's next iPhone event—starring Tim Cook as master of ceremonies—is true. » 10/03/11 10:58am 10/03/11 10:58am

Apple's Video Tour of the New iPad

The spec sheet on the new iPads is pretty impressive, and the photos are tasty—but there's nothing like seeing a pretty face in motion. Apple's design minds (Jonny Ive, whatup!) and engineers walk us through their 2.0. [Apple] » 3/02/11 3:00pm 3/02/11 3:00pm

What's Apple Planning For iTunes Tomorrow?

If you head to Apple's US homepage, you'll be greeted with this very special splash page: the company's got an iTunes-related announcement tomorrow morning at 10EST time. But what could it be? Updated: » 11/15/10 10:21am 11/15/10 10:21am

Watch Today's Apple Event Online

You don't have to breathe up against the windows of Apple's San Francisco event, because they've just announced a livestream online, starting at 10am PST / 1pm EST. Remember to keep your eyes on Giz too. Details below: » 10/20/10 9:30am 10/20/10 9:30am

All the Cool New Stuff From Apple

Apple's music event was so full of shiny gadgets and awesome news that your head might still be spinning. In case you struggled to keep up with everything or want a review, here are all the highlights: » 9/01/10 2:50pm 9/01/10 2:50pm

Among many other new features, Apple is including Netflix support straight into their new Apple TV. At last, they…

You Can Rent iTunes TV Shows for $1 and Movies for $5

As expected, iTunes 10 has added to the TV show purchase model and is introducing rentals. It'll cost you a buck for an HD episode, and $5 to watch first-run movies in HD. Crucially, those movies will be available on the same day as their DVD counterparts. You'll have 30 days after you rented to watch, and 48 hours… » 9/01/10 2:07pm 9/01/10 2:07pm

The New Apple TV

Apple has revealed its new, streaming-only Apple TV. And it's just 1/4 the size of the old one. The tiny successor will pack built-in power supply, HDMI, ethernet, and 802.11n wireless, priced down to $99. (UPDATED: Now with hands on)

» 9/01/10 1:54pm 9/01/10 1:54pm

iTunes 10 Is All About Ping, Apple's Social Network for Music

iTunes 10 is all about Ping, Apple's new music social network. Like Twitter, you can follow and be followed. You can be public about it or be private (jerk). Captain Jobs is hoping artists will be public. » 9/01/10 1:43pm 9/01/10 1:43pm

The New Multitouch iPod Nano (and How You Use It)

The new iPod Nano hardly bigger than an oversized stamp. It does away with the click wheel (and the video camera) in favor of a multitouch screen. But how do you use it? » 9/01/10 1:30pm 9/01/10 1:30pm

The New iPod Shuffle (and Its Buttons!)

Apple's given the shuffle back its buttons, despite the smallest form factor yet. Even more impressive: it's got 15 hours of battery life, 2GB storage, and a price tag of $50. And I have to admit, it's kind of adorable. » 9/01/10 1:27pm 9/01/10 1:27pm

Future Apple Gadgets Getting AirPlay Wireless Music and Video Streaming…

iPad with iOS 4.2 is almost everything we've wanted in the iPad since getting an iPhone 4, plus something we've wanted from the beginning: streaming music and video from iTunes to iOS devices with AirPlay. It's coming out in November. » 9/01/10 1:17pm 9/01/10 1:17pm

Apple iPod and Music Meta-Liveblog Today, With Live Video Stream

Dear friends, we're going to be meta-liveblogging the Apple iPod music event. The actual mouth-flapping on stage starts 10:00 AM PT (1:00 PM ET), but the liveblogging fun starts way before that. » 9/01/10 12:51pm 9/01/10 12:51pm

New 1.7" Touchscreen iPod Nano and iPod Touch Possibly Tipped By Early…

Wednesday's music-centric Apple event could bring any number of surprises—Lady Gaga iPod Classic!?—but some accessories that have popped up a bit early make two announcements all the more likely: a new iPod Touch and 1.7" touchscreen iPod Nano. » 8/30/10 8:34am 8/30/10 8:34am

Apple January 27th "Come See Our Latest Creation" Event Confirmed

As expected, Apple is holding a "special event" on Jan. 27 to "come see our latest creation," with invitations being sent out JUST SECONDS AGO. 10am PST, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco. » 1/18/10 12:06pm 1/18/10 12:06pm

Apple's January 26th Event Confirmed by Fox News

A Fox News source has confirmed the January 26th Apple event reported recently by the Financial Times, claiming the "big" event will "focus on the mobility space." [FoxNews via MacRumors] » 12/30/09 3:19pm 12/30/09 3:19pm