Apple Event: iPad Mini, 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina, New iMac and Mac…

Tim Cook and his mariachis are presenting the new ultra-thin, ultra-light, magical iPad Mini or iPad Air* today at 1pm Eastern /10am Pacific at the California Theater in San Jose. They will probably announce other products too. We'll be commenting it live. » 10/22/12 3:20pm 10/22/12 3:20pm

All the Cool New Stuff From Apple

Apple's music event was so full of shiny gadgets and awesome news that your head might still be spinning. In case you struggled to keep up with everything or want a review, here are all the highlights: » 9/01/10 2:50pm 9/01/10 2:50pm

Among many other new features, Apple is including Netflix support straight into their new Apple TV. At last, they…

You Can Rent iTunes TV Shows for $1 and Movies for $5

As expected, iTunes 10 has added to the TV show purchase model and is introducing rentals. It'll cost you a buck for an HD episode, and $5 to watch first-run movies in HD. Crucially, those movies will be available on the same day as their DVD counterparts. You'll have 30 days after you rented to watch, and 48 hours… » 9/01/10 2:07pm 9/01/10 2:07pm

iTunes 10 Is All About Ping, Apple's Social Network for Music

iTunes 10 is all about Ping, Apple's new music social network. Like Twitter, you can follow and be followed. You can be public about it or be private (jerk). Captain Jobs is hoping artists will be public. » 9/01/10 1:43pm 9/01/10 1:43pm

New 1.7" Touchscreen iPod Nano and iPod Touch Possibly Tipped By Early…

Wednesday's music-centric Apple event could bring any number of surprises—Lady Gaga iPod Classic!?—but some accessories that have popped up a bit early make two announcements all the more likely: a new iPod Touch and 1.7" touchscreen iPod Nano. » 8/30/10 8:34am 8/30/10 8:34am